The Little Boy That Could - A Book About Thinking Outside The Box by Tom & Joyce Jones The Little Boy That Could - A Book About Thinking Outside The Box by Tom & Joyce Jones

An Inspirational Book by Tom and Joyce Jones with Jean Vandevenne

"Our book tells the story of how we learned - through our mentally
and visually challenged son - what is truly important in God's eyes ... "

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As we have said, the process we went through involved sharing with others and asking them to share their experiences and advice with us. In addition to the invaluable help they gave us, we were also touched and uplifted by their experiences. Therefore we would love to continue to hear your stories and experiences.

And who knows? Perhaps reading your story will benefit others dealing with a situation similar to yours! In any case, we believe that everyone will be inspired by reading all of your wonderful stories!

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The Little Boy That Could - When Doctors Said He Couldn't by Tom & Joyce Jones - The amazing
true story of one family's determination not to give up on their mentally and visually challenged son -
even though all the specialists told them at his birth to institutionalize him and forget about him - and how,
with the help of God, their faith, perserverance, a nutritious diet and hearts full of love, they are now able
to enjoy spending time with their grown up son who - with a little help from his seeing eye dog, Stix -
lives away from home, maintains a part time job and leads a virtually normal life today!