The Little Boy That Could - A Book About Thinking Outside The Box by Tom & Joyce Jones The Little Boy That Could - A Book About Thinking Outside The Box by Tom & Joyce Jones

An Inspirational Book by Tom and Joyce Jones with Jean Vandevenne

"Our book tells the story of how we learned - through our mentally
and visually challenged son - what is truly important in God's eyes ... "

Meet The Authors

While nurturing our retarded infant and toddler son, we discovered that keeping a diary about his condition - what seemed to work and what did not help - as well as expressing our feelings became a very effective form of therapy in itself. Journaling also helped us to better cope with the daily hurdles we faced and served as an instrumental guide as to how we structured our approach to living during those most stressful times. As he continued to grow, so did our distress and the severity and frequency of the problems he encountered. We soon realized that we would need to expand our resources and search outside the box in order to be able to meet and overcome the multitude of ongoing, ever-increasing difficulties and complications that are associated with parenting a child that has physical and mental disabilities.

Tom and Joyce Jones, Authors of The Little Boy That Could Book

More often than not, we were alone in our search, since most of the doctors and specialists we consulted were unable to help or support us. So we found that forming relationships with others who are raising - or working with - handicapped children is an extremely helpful source of vital information ... and provided us with some much needed support and comfort.

This networking with other parents and teachers is an invaluable key to every child's development - and especially so when your child is in some way challenged or disabled. Therefore, it is our desire to share this knowledge with others.

Which is how our personal diary became the book you are reading about today. And even though our original intent was to share this information with others in a similar situation, we now also believe that the information and lessons within can be of great help to anyone.

Although many factors were involved, the primary thrust of our learning experiences - and now our book - is that all problems have a purpose. We now understand that our son was born mentally challenged and legally blind for God's Glory [John 9:3]. And we can now truly see the great blessing our son is - not only to ourselves - but to others as well. We praise God for this wonderful blessing and want to share it with the world!

It is our hope that you enjoy reading our book, The Little Boy That Could, and are able to benefit from it in some way.

Tom and Joyce Jones, Authors/Speakers/Loving Parents
                              Authors, Speakers, Loving Parents

"The story of Darren Jones and his family is proof once again that when God's Love is involved, statistics are meaningless."
Vally Sharpe, M.A., Author - United Writer's Press

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The Little Boy That Could - When Doctors Said He Couldn't by Tom & Joyce Jones - The amazing
true story of one family's determination not to give up on their mentally and visually challenged son -
even though all the specialists told them at his birth to institutionalize him and forget about him - and how,
with the help of God, their faith, perserverance, a nutritious diet and hearts full of love, they are now able
to enjoy spending time with their grown up son who - with a little help from his seeing eye dog, Stix -
lives away from home, maintains a part time job and leads a virtually normal life today!