The Little Boy That Could - A Book About Thinking Outside The Box by Tom & Joyce Jones The Little Boy That Could - A Book About Thinking Outside The Box by Tom & Joyce Jones

An Inspirational Book by Tom and Joyce Jones with Jean Vandevenne

"Our book tells the story of how we learned - through our mentally
and visually challenged son - what is truly important in God's eyes ... "

Meeting Health Challenges

They told us he would not sit up by himself or be able to see well enough to play with his toys. Later they assured us he would never have the balance or equilibrium to stand or walk and insisted he would never develop mentally. They said 'most of these babies have a short life span, up to maybe 5 or 6 years old'. In other words, all of the top doctors and specialists at the prestigious university hospitals gave us no hope at all ... and their final 'words of wisdom' to us? 'Don't waste your time or money, put him in a home and forget about him.'

We were told he would never be able to see his toys ...

A Desperate Search For Help Going home from our last university doctors' visit we vowed that we would do everything we could to help Darren as long as it did not hurt him. That was the beginning of our continuous search for help. We researched many, many different options. One of the most successful and rewarding paths we explored during our search has been investigating nutritional supplements. After we connected with a specialist on the West Coast we started little Darren on a supplementation course that consisted of more than 70 pills a day - at the very early age of three.

Doctors Now Recommend Supplements Even though I had a degree in foods and nutrition neither Tom nor I had seen anything like this 70 pill regimen before. We continued to search and discover other supplemental regimens, as well as learning which kinds of food to buy and how best to prepare them. My education, combined with the experience and knowledge I have gained from both working in a health food store and teaching mentally challenged children, has given me a deep insight into the necessities of special nutrition and sophisticated supplementation. Even the American Medical Association (AMA) suggested that doctors recommend nutritional supplementation to their patients in their June 2002 issue of JAMA.

But Our Family Eats Healthy Foods! You may think that nutritional supplements are only necessary if you and your family do not eat healthy foods, and while that may have been true a century ago, this is no longer the case, and here's why ... The soil in which our foods are now grown - that was once naturally rich in minerals and an abundance of nutrients - is now severely depleted, so the foods that were once so good for us are no longer as nutritious as they used to be because their inherent quality and nutritional value has decreased exponentially. Then add to that all of the processing, cooking, preservatives, radiation, container contamination, fluorides, chlorides and a host of other chemicals that our foods are exposed to these days - then add in the additional time that our foods spend in processing plants, warehouses and during transportation before making it to your tables - and you can understand that all of this has not only left our food chain devoid of the nutrients our bodies require to maintain good health, but it has also resulted in an end product that is so inferior that it often attacks and stresses our body.

Years Of Experience In the past 50 years we have seen great accomplishments not only in Darren's abilities and health but in many others as well, young and old, 'normal' persons and those with mentally and physical health challenges. We have worked with anyone interested in nutrition and health ... MDs, alternative practitioners, naturopathic physicians, veterinarians, nurses and many other people who possess great knowledge of and experience in what supplements can and will do.

On The Cutting Edge Of New Discoveries Our family has managed to be pharmaceutical drug free except for very rare use of antibiotics. We have and still do maintain a very extreme regimen of supplements and keep a close watch on the quality of our food. We try to stay on the cutting edge of new discoveries. With all of the hype and misleading claims out there today, we feel that our 50 plus years of experience allows us to discern and weed out the chaff from the true and valuable information. Recent scientific discoveries on how Our Creator designed our bodies to heal themselves have been very exciting for us. We hope you will let us share that excitement with you.

Something For You! Over the years, we have acquired a tremendous amount of valuable information by networking with other families like us who have taken the time to tell us their stories and describe what has worked for them and what hasn't. This source has provided us with so much helpful knowledge that we now want to share what we have learned with you, in the hope that it will prove useful to you.

Our Health Questionnaire Just fill out our short Questionnaire and tell us about yourself. Once we receive your responses, we will reply to you shortly and describe our own personal experiences with health, nutrition and supplements that will relate specifically to your lifestyle - based on the answers you provided - and then we will share with you what we have found to be the most effective and beneficial for us.

DISCLAIMER: Any and all information we may share with you is not intended to be construed as medical advice. It is provided solely to offer you suggestions and ideas to consider. Always consult with a qualified medical or health professional first if you wish to pursue any of the information we may share with you.

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"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body."
1 Corinthians 6:19 (NIV)

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The Little Boy That Could - When Doctors Said He Couldn't by Tom & Joyce Jones - The amazing
true story of one family's determination not to give up on their mentally and visually challenged son -
even though all the specialists told them at his birth to institutionalize him and forget about him - and how,
with the help of God, their faith, perserverance, a nutritious diet and hearts full of love, they are now able
to enjoy spending time with their grown up son who - with a little help from his seeing eye dog, Stix -
lives away from home, maintains a part time job and leads a virtually normal life today!